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Use your Superpoints


Use your Superpoints

Pay with  Super Points

As a CoopMobile Abo customer, you can pay all or part of your monthly bill using your Super Points:


1,500  Super Points = CHF 15.- credited to your account

3,000  Super Points = CHF 30.- credited to your account

This is how it works:

  1. Select one of the amounts below (CHF 15.– = 1,500 Super Points, CHF 30.– = 3,000 Super Points) by clicking on it.
  2. Enter your phone number in the box provided.
  3. Decide on the amount of credit. For example, if you choose three times 15 CHF, then you need 3 x 1,500  Super Points (= a total of 4,500 Super Points). Important: You can pay up to a maximum of 120 CHF (=12,000 Super Points) per month!
  4. Then click on the "Put in basket" button.
  5. Then follow the instructions.

The points are deducted from your Supercard account and the corresponding amount in francs is credited to your monthly bill. The credit is usually taken into account for your next monthly bill. If the transaction takes place after the 4th of the month, the credit will be used to pay your next but one monthly bill.

E.g.: On 3 December, you select an amount of 15 CHF (= 1,500 Super Points).This amount is used to pay December's monthly bill. If the transaction takes place on 17 December, the credit is used to pay January's monthly bill.

Important: If your contract expires and your final balance is positive thanks to the payment of your Super Points, then the Super Points are credited back to your Supercard account. Super Points cannot be reimbursed in cash.


CHF 15.- credited to your account:



CHF 30.- credited to your account:



CHF 60.- credited to your account: