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Value added services

Value added services

What are value added services?

On the customer bill, there are 3 types of value added services that can appear: Voice services (generally known as 090x numbers), SMS/MMS value added services and wap/Internet value added services.

Voice value added services
are phone numbers that start with 0900, 0901, 0906 (collectively known as 090x numbers). They may include the country code prefix for Switzerland (+41): e.g. 0900 123 456 is the same number as +41 900 123 456 and 0041 900 123 456.

Calls to a value added number often cost more than a standard conversation. In addition to a simple phone conversation, a specific service is being provided, which is charged to your phone bill. A wide range of services is available via value added numbers. Value added services answer specific needs and offer a convenient way to pay that is particularly suitable for smaller sums. Although the vast majority of value added services respect the regulations in force, there is a serious financial risk attached to some expensive value added numbers. CoopMobile does not provide the services itself and simply collects the fee on behalf of the content provider in question. In return for its billing service, CoopMobile receives a small proportion of the fee. CoopMobile has no contractual relationship with the Service Provider but is obliged to provide access to these numbers (interoperability obligation).

Examples of value added services: CFF customer service, theatre tickets, competitions, computer hotlines, adult entertainment.

There are three service categories::

  • 0900: Business, Marketing
  • 0901: Entertainment (no adult content)
  • 0906: Adult entertainment (note that it is possible to block access to these services)

SMS/MMS Value added services
are services which allow you to order and receive information (weather, financial sport, news, etc.), ring tones, logos and games on your mobile phone via SMS/MMS as a one-off or on a regular basis via subscription (these latter are called 'push SMS'). A special category of value added services provided under short codes starting with 6 concern adult entertainment (note that it is possible to block these services).

Value added services ordered via Wap/Internet
can also be charged on your CoopMobile bill.


How do you block your mobile phone from accessing value added numbers?

You have two options:

  • either block access to all premium-rate numbers (all 0900, 0901, 0906 numbers) all SMS/MMS short numbers and all kiosk services,
  • or to block access to adult services only (0906 numbers, SMS/MMS short codes starting with 6, adult category of Kiosk services).

The blocking service is offered free of charge by CoopMobile. All you need do is contact our Customer Care (0800 780 782). CoopMobile does not accept responsibility for any connections established before the block comes into effect.

N.B.: By blocking access to all 090x numbers, you will no longer have access to value added services that you may have been used to accessing in the past (SBB customer service, wake-up service, weather, traffic news etc.). Unfortunately, selective number blocking is not possible for technical reasons.

You can request at any time the cancellation of the above blocking services, immediately and free of charge, by calling our Customer Care. Requests to block and unblock value added numbers can only be made by the holder of the subscription in question.

Please note that adult value added services are blocked by default for customers and known users below 18 years old.